RECAP of AMA Monday! Your Questions Answered by Polker Staff!

4 min readOct 11, 2021



Thanks for attending our weekly Monday AMA. We’re always happy to answer questions and keep you informed. Stay tuned for our release date announcement and some very cool gameplay commentary videos this week too. Keep up with us on our Telegram, Twitter and Discord!

Enjoy this recap of the best questions from the AMA:

Q: “When can we expect the beta?”

A: We were supposed to have an exact date today, but we pushed the meeting to Tuesday. Will let you know tomorrow, make sure to ping me and I’ll update.

Q: “Maybe I missed it. But if the tokens are not going to be used as chips, it means that you see your tokens as tokens of the gaming ecosystem in the future. can tell a little about it? or at least send to me previously answer, thx”

A: Ah, yeah the PKR token will be used to control the economy of the game with how much cosmetics and NFT’s will be valued.

Q: “How has Chainlink price feeds affected whole Polker so far? Could you share primary results of this integration?”’

A: Chainlink has been good for us, integrations into the game are going well. Can’t share much outside of that.

Q: “I use an Ellipal and it doesn’t notice the contract for BSC can we fix this?”

A:I’ll have someone look into it now, let me see what’s up

Q:” When will we see Polker-sponsored physical Poker Championship? :) And I wonder why you guys not using Play to Win instead of Play to Earn?”

A: We think Play-to-Earn right now could be the proper way to integrate the crypto community and the NFT community into our platform. Also I would love a physical championship.

Q: “How will Merge partnership affect Polker in near future?”

A:Merge will be super helpful in the long term with airdrops and giveaways, they also have an interesting pyament gateway that we are looking into for future upgrades ^_^.

Q: “Hi, can we get a more updated roadmap for the rest of Q4, also will we see a Tier 1 CEX listing as well, say asap.”

A: Cant comment on CEX’s just yet, parsing through our options currently.

Q: “How is the game performing so far, before the beta launch?”

A: It’s performing well, tests run pretty swimmingly on most machines. Are you just talking about computer performance or anything else?

Q: “Will we be on a metaverse platform? There are some great projects on polygon, it would be nice to join them.”

A: Yeah we plan on creating a metaverse inside of the polker platform by creating partnerships and different ways to earn.

Q:” why did you guys erase the previous whitepaper? the whitepaper is all about pkr? not the one what i read before, like the tokenomics and the game fundamentals. is there anything we need to know about this?”

A: Ah, we actually did a full restructure of operations so we needed to give the community a new look into what we are doing.

Q: “The question arose in connection with the fact that it will be possible to sit at a poker table with different cryptocurrencies. For example, there are two people at the table. Both go all-in. One bets 1 Bitcoin, and the second a certain amount of Ethereum, which at the time of the bet is equal to 1 Bitcoin. But in the process of play the price of Ethereum drops in relation to Bitcoin by 20%. The person who bet 1 bitcoin wins at the table. He must receive another 1 bitcoin, into which the rival’s Ethereums are converted. But at that moment, Ethereum will not be enough to pay out the winning in Bitcoin. How will this problem be solved in practice? Since currency fluctuations will occur constantly, and a winner should receive a prize in the currency that he has chosen for the game, as I undestand.?”

A: Ok so, we aren’t actually using the coins to gamble so that solves the issue practically. BUT….In theory how it would work is there would be a price lock in at the start of each hand, some tables can price lock at 15 minutes, custom tables can make their own rules with the minimum being per hand.

And that’s a wrap! Enjoy your week and stay tuned for our RELEASE DATE announcement this week!




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