Polker — The Updated Roadmap Live!

Polker — The Updated Roadmap Live

We promised the new roadmap with the new website, and although it was ready we have just revised it and added a few cool things! A lot of things to come in the next few months, and even bigger things to come in the following year. Perhaps you have already seen it, but if not — here it is!

Polker — Roadmap Update!

It might be a little bit small to read on Medium, so please check it out on our website here. As promised, we are still on track for public release in Q4 2022 — that’s this quarter, so less than 3 months to go! We are looking forward to your feedback on social media!

If you have not yet joined our Early Access Release then get in touch with one of our staff and they will guide you through the process! Reach out on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, or contact us by email at hello@polker.game.

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Poker.Game is the first blockchain-based, Free to Play & Play to Earn, Poker NFT that uses Unreal Engine 5 for immersive and powerful game