Polker AMA Recap — Tuesday 9th April 2024!

10 min readApr 15, 2024

Hey Guys! Thank you for tuning in. I know that this is not our usual time. I do apologize for the couple of delays on that, especially yesterday. A surprise medical issue just popped up. I’m aware that we won’t have probably so many people tuning in live, and most people will be listening to the recording. I will just give it just a couple of minutes. Anyway, if people do want to join in, and just feel free to ask questions live. We have quite a few on social media and I will do my best to answer those first.

Okay, let’s just have a look at what’s come through already on social media. Obviously we have the predicted question that has come through from a couple of people. We’ve seen it on social media a few times. So from GP and from BigBag. I will try and answer as best as I can. The biggest question is when is the Android game?

Functionality-wise, it’s looking good. I would say that we are much, much closer than we could have been. Obviously we are slightly delayed, and that is a bit of a shame that we have had to come into Q2. But we are much closer to having it completed than it may seem. So I wouldn’t say that we’re far off. I wouldn’t want to give a date at this point in time but we’re now able to test it with the back end, front end all connected — all animations, all levels are now running, which they were not previously. We’ve demonstrated some of the new graphics on the maps such as the foliage. You may have seen that we put out screenshots of how it’s looking now as well. We weren’t so happy with the old version, so that’s been updated. All animations are working on that too so we’re pretty close to having it finished. I would say look out over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll have an announcement of a more precise time and we’ll get that out on the App Store and Android. So it’s looking really good, really excited to have it out. We’re also launching a couple of marketing partnerships to go alongside that launch. It probably won’t be this week, but check out the social media during next week. Hopefully we’ll have some announcements on that one.

There was a question from blockjay that was actually good to hear. I did want to bring this up because I know that I haven’t addressed it. That was regarding the beta NFTs.

So I know that 50 of you are holders of our beta NFTs. We are a little bit disappointed. We really wanted these to be something that you would have when the game was released on mobile, and they’d be fully functional at that point in time. We’ve not forgotten about them, but we have had to make the decision that they can’t be our highest priority. So although we really appreciate you guys being the early adopters, your accounts still have them. They’ve not gone anywhere but we do have to make sure that we’re prioritizing the right things, and unfortunately, it can’t be that right now. So for everyone who does have a beta NFT, don’t worry, you will. You haven’t lost them. Your accounts still got them. They will be migrated to your accounts. However, we do want to just prioritize getting the game out for everyone to be able to play first. So yeah, keep an eye on those. We haven’t forgotten you, but do just want to make it clear that unfortunately, we have had to move the beta NFTs slightly, slightly lower on our list of things to do. So once the game is out for everyone to play, hopefully we’ll be able to give you more information of when you’ll be able to get them. So you’ve not been forgotten. We just had to make the decision to focus in different areas at this point in time.

I can see that someone is requesting to speak, I think it is Immortal. I have tried to approve you, so if you do want to ask a question, feel free to go ahead. It looks like you’ve reverted back to a listener there. If you do have something to ask, just request and I will do my best to answer you here and now.

Another question here from GP and that was regarding strategic partnerships.

We’ve been speaking a lot about these lately and not a huge amount has happened. We’ve got a couple that we can’t actually announce completely due to NDAs at this point in time, but we do want to make sure of our announcements for both sides so hopefully those will be moving along soon. Again, probably one of them at least will come along more with the game launch. So we’re looking at a couple more weeks on that one at least, and maybe the other one we can ask a little bit earlier. So they’re coming shortly but won’t be coming right now, but not far off.

And then we have a question come through from Jesus on Twitter. That’s a bit of a longer question. So the first one was, “almost every investor holds a token for short term without understanding the long term value. So how can you ensure for us that holding this token is more beneficial for the long term? And what is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the token?

I mean, obviously, when you’re talking about investing in crypto, it’s hugely volatile just in general. We’ve just gone through a fairly prolonged bear market. We’re obviously at the beginning of sentiment turning around, and that’s not going to be the same across every crypto. There have been some that have launched this year and lost huge amounts of money. There have been some that have launched this year and made people huge amounts of money. Some of those have awful tokenomics, massive inflation, and people don’t care. They’re still buying them. Some of them have great tokenomics and they’ve lost a huge amount of value. So utility and functionality are not necessarily what people are investing in general functions, but especially in crypto. You know it is a very speculative financial industry. So I would say that, yes, we are. Two questions that you asked at the end — long term regarding increasing demand. Yes. We’ll be adding utility and functionality. Some of those we’ve already added. And scarcity — we’re fully non-inflationary and we will be coming fully deflationary as well once we have the burn mechanism in place. So yeah, we will be increasing scarcity and obviously marketing as well. People do like new shiny things. We’re not as new and shiny as some things but I do believe that we will be getting noticed as time comes through. I know a lot of people are calling this the bull market now. Personally, I don’t feel it is. We’re just coming into it so there will be bigger rushes and bigger highs still to come in the following months. So, we’re not going to avoid it. That’s not what we’re doing. But right now it is definitely not focused on utility or function. So let’s see where it goes but we will make sure that we are doing our best for everyone both within the product and for people who are playing with PKR as a token.

The next question comes through from readyforwhatever. The first question is, “is it only possible to do AMAs on Mondays?

No, it is Tuesday today. I did intend to be doing this yesterday. However, I was in a lot of pain and probably unable to speak. So yes, as it is clear it is not only possible to do it on Mondays. We just try and keep it. The only reason we’re doing that is people just get used to doing the same time. It’s easy just to log on so we’re keeping those consistent. We don’t need to be doing them every week at this point in time, if people wanted them every week, then yes, we could be doing it. But no, Mondays are not mandatory. However, consistency does tend to help.

The second question was from the same person, readyforwhatever, regarding our pictures being the same pictures from the desktop game. They’re simply not. Firstly, you won’t find the same pictures because some of the animations that we’re using on, say, like the forge are brand new. So we never even had them in the desktop game. And well, the second reason is I can guarantee it because not all of them, but some of those were screenshots I took from playing it on my own phone. So either I’m lying to you or they are from a mobile game. So no, they’re not from the desktop. Some were literally taken from my phone, some from other phones as well. It is working functionally on the development portal from the Play Store. We just want to make sure the final things are finalized before we actually pop it out. So no, they are not the same pictures from years ago. Apparently there were accusations from JP Rebelo. I can guarantee you 100% that that is simply not true. You can feel free to go back and check but that is just simply not how it is. So I promise you, they are mobile pictures. They are taken very recently, normally the same day they’re posted or the day before, and they are from the current development build that we have on the Play Store.

And then from Talos,” are we getting any promotion for this bull run? Are the tokenomics of Pqr due to be updated?”

Thank you for the question. Firstly, I don’t know when you joined us. If you go and check now, the white paper has been updated already this year. I think even I would say it was last month that was actually published. Definitely not much longer ago, but I would say it was probably only 2 or 3 weeks ago so please check out the white paper. Obviously we moved the token on the Polygon so we have much lower fees. And within Ethereum, we have no bridge anymore so that’s all I’ve published. And yes, there will be promotion for PKR as well. The reason we have not been doing it, and this has been mentioned before, is we don’t want to be promoting, paying for a huge amount of marketing when at the moment we’re directing people not towards a downloadable game on the phone. So once the game is out, that’ll be something we’re moving towards. And I understand that you are asking directly about PKR. Yes, you will see marketing across both sides, and that’s going to be for the token and the game. However, although they are not the same, they are connected and it does make sense for us to market both together. So once we can market the game and people can go straight to the Play Store, download at that point — the token makes more sense. If someone’s looking into it, they can see the project behind it is also putting out a working platform. So yeah, there will be promotion on both sides. Tokenomics and whitepaper are all updated. Please feel free to check it out on https://polker.game/token-primer/. But there are links to it on the website as well on pkr.io. So please check that out and have a look if you haven’t already seen it. And that kind of answers Joe’s question just regarding marketing in general. We do have things lined up. Already have contracts signed but they are all dependent again on having the game out at the moment. You know most adverts are pay per click. It’s not really worth it if they’re paying for a click and it says can’t download the game at this point in time. So they will be working directly at the Play Store. So we’re just waiting. As soon as that is live, we’ll be able to move forwards with marketing, with YouTube, also with standard marketing as well. So we’ll adverts out, game out and we will have slightly different channels for pushing PKR as a token and why people should at least check it out. They can make their own minds up of what they’re going to do with it. We do want that to be going side by side. So I know that I’ve said this before, and it’s kind of frustrating for me, as it probably is for you. It’s still going to be an element of patience. We are really close so I don’t want people thinking, okay, this will probably come out in 2025. It is literally just a matter of weeks. We’re on the final steps so I hope that this isn’t too frustrating for people. It is slightly frustrating for me, so I do understand it probably is for you guys too, but we’re not far off so let’s just hold out.

I hope everyone has a great week. Please keep questions coming in. We do really appreciate it both for AMAs and on social media. We do our best to answer everything that is on there. So just keep checking us out on Telegram, on Discord, on Twitter or X, or wherever you feel like it. Have a great week, guys, and hopefully we’ll be able to answer any of your questions soon enough. Speak to you guys soon.

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