Polker AMA Recap — Monday 6th November 2023!

5 min readNov 9, 2023

It seems there was somehow music in the background in the last AMA. I have no idea where it came from because there is no music playing here. I listened to the recording and it was there so I deleted the recording and we will try this one more time.

I am just going to answer these quickly as I have already answered them once. I will try to rattle this off as fast as possible.

So first from Salvo, just regarding AI.

Yes, we are being cautious to make sure that AI is not going to bring issues to players from the other side. The good thing is we’re making sure that we’re being careful to do that. Obviously, same with any other game and before AI, and as far back as you can go, there has always been people trying to cheat so we’re making sure that we have things in place to stop people from making hundreds of accounts playing against each other and things like. We are doing our best to stop that. We are actually using our own machine learning language model stuff, so that’s coming later. We are not going to give much information on that as we have only literally started research about a month ago but there are going to be some cool machine learning aspects coming out from that part.

Regarding MEXC, why did you provide the MEXCwith almost triple the tokens it had in the old contract?

We provided them exactly the same number as they had before. Please be careful with spreading misinformation. If you really want to check, it’s all on chain so we can provide all the transaction Ids. The amount of tokens that MEXC received is the exact same amount that MEXC held and those are user deposits. We did not give them three time more.

Cryptocious is asking if we plan to switch to native Polygon USDC?

No. We will keep the LP as it is. The USDC has been *garbled** in Polygon since Polygon actually launched as a side chain, maybe not the actual major point. Most LPs are not going to be changing on that. The rooting fees on Polygon are so tiny that I don’t think that a fraction of a fraction of a cent is going to be (not clear).

If in the future, we’re going to be adding more liquidity, potentially we can use native Polygon USDC but I don’t think it will be a big issue for us to consider.

Joe was asking about specific region marketing, Asia for example.

Yes, this is really important for us. We are doing it now. In some places, maybe if you’re in a Russian-speaking place, you will find our videos in Russian, written with Russian titles, with Russian-speaking, or potentially Arabic or Chinese. We are testing a lot of things at this time to see where we are getting the best responses from. And when Isay a lot, we are testing a huge number of places, countries, languages, regions so all of our marketing will be carefully targeted. I do agree with what you said, that Asia will be one of the largest user-bases. Currently, the largest is the US, followed by some areas in Europe, mainly Spain and Italy, and the third is in Southeast Asia.

I do believe that may probably swing but I don’t know which area completely but I do agree that we will be doing targeted marketing.

On the mobile game, Alluke asked for a delivery month.

I cannot give a delivery month. I have said Q4. We have said Q4. In Q4, you will have the game on Android, however, I cannot give you a date. I will not give a date because we have done that before and it has not worked out so well so we will make sure that it is delivered this quarter. That is as far as I will go with that one.

What is the plan to recover the value of project in this bull market?

Price discussions are not beneficial (?) We are going to be adding a lot of utility to PKR over the coming 12 months and now we are living up to probably to the bull market but we are not in a bull market now. Our utility is growing. That is what is going to add use cases to PKR.

From Purush. who said a lite version of mobile game in November . Is it a soft launch like the web version without marketing and adoption, or will you ramp up marketing with the final version of the game instead of the lite version?

It is going to be a soft launch. We won’t market it as we are going towards the launch, however, once it’s launched, we will start marketing. It’s going to be neither of the two options that you had there. It will go out. We are not going to sort of lead up to the release, but we will do a marketing campaign afterwards so wait for that one there.

When do we expect the official launch — the first quarter next year, second?

Almanarash, I need more context to the question. So if you could just reach out on social media or any other platform so we know what you mean by the official launch, I will be quite happy to help answer that.

From Burnt Ends, “How many unique players were there last week?” (This was answered in the first AMA that has been deleted but was not included in this recording)

Thank you guys for taking the time, I hope this recording works better. The last one had music in the background. For any questions, you know we are always online — social media, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, wherever you want — send the message and we will answer it there and there or we can answer it here. We are not doing this weekly anymore but we will back in two weeks to answer the questions you want answered in the AMA. But keep your eyes and ears peeled and watch out for big things coming. Have a great couple of weeks.

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