Polker AMA Recap — Monday 5th February 2024!

13 min readFeb 8, 2024

Good morning and good afternoon to everyone who is joining. This is the first AMA of February 2024. We will give it just a bit of time for people to join. I hope everyone’s had a nice weekend. We’ve got quite a few questions come through on social media. Obviously, we’ll give anyone a chance to ask anything live but I will go through the questions that have come through over the past two weekends and answer them. I know there’s a lot of anticipation and answers that are wanted. So let’s give it a couple of minutes and then we’ll start with the questions that have come through.

All right. Let’s start with the questions that I’ve come through over social media here. The first ones here are from GP. Thank you for putting questions through every AMA that comes up.

So, the first question is here. Is the scope of the delay of app releases in weeks or months or quarters?

The absolute aim is that it will be released this quarter. I’m not going to completely guarantee that, but within full expectations that it should be released this quarter. I don’t foresee a situation where it would be the next. It literally is just a couple more weeks we need so ideally, we see a Q1 release. If there’s any change in that, I will let you know. But as the situation stands, I don’t see any of that being any longer.

I suppose that you gave us a deadline, did not meet it, and now you’re giving us nothing? I’ve read the second question already, so I’m going to move on. And that will answer back to as why that’s the case.

So, the second question from GP is what needs to be done to bring the game to the next level. How is it now and what will you add? How much love and passion are you putting into the game design? Why not share and transmit all this passion to us, your community? And why not share with us so we can get proper feedback instead of developing in the dark?

Okay, so I’m just going to go over this because it kind of answers the first question as well. We’ve been putting love and passion into this game since the beginning. You know a lot of us are working — many people who are not working on the much better-paid jobs we could all be doing. We’re here because we really want this project to succeed. Everyone who’s working for the company has full belief in Polker and in what we’re doing. There is no one here who is working for the sake of working. That’s something I can guarantee.

In the past, when we’ve been developing things, I’ve been sharing videos, screenshots. Right now, the biggest change we’re making is the change in the code — changing the language that the game is written in from one to another. ‘m not going to give too many details because obviously I don’t want to encourage people to attempt exploits on this. However, it’s not something that there’s anything of interest to share. Unfortunately, it’s not the most exciting bit of change from a user’s or a community standpoint. Whether you want to see a bit of code in JavaScript, in React, or in C sharp C plus. There’s not a lot for us to be sharing about that. The logic on the code changes is quite simple. It’s a full stack development. It will allow all our developers to have a full understanding of every aspect of the game. It’s a change that we wanted to make. We didn’t necessarily need to make it on the desktop one, however, with the mobile release, to make sure that we can look for sort of a long perspective on the game. Short-term, it wasn’t a necessity. However, we realized that focusing on the short term is definitely not the right way. So moving on this change now is important for us. It will make future development much faster. I know this game has taken however long to release. However, everything we do in the future, once we have this all developed will be much quicker. So, I do apologize for the delay. It’s not something we wanted to do however this change now will allow us to be much more productive and much faster in everything we do moving forward. So, yeah, I do want to just explain that the reason I’m not sharing anything, which I’d like to do, is just the fact that there really isn’t anything beautiful to be sharing with you on this.

Could you run up an estimate of unclaimed tokens, claim token liquidity and exit?

If you now check, CoinGecko and we have managed to completely pull an API that’s pulling the exact circulating supply. CMC has all the information. I don’t know if they’ve updated it yet. Maybe. Let me just check. They have not. They do have all the information. I’ve rewritten the tokenomics to explain all those questions, so I will publish that as well. Sorry, it’s already published. If you go to the token primer or if you go polker.game/token-primer, you’ll be able to see the full tokenomics. I’ve updated it with the launch on Polygon, so it has everything there — full circulating supply, which is something like 550 million. It has literally everything on that so please take the time to have a little read through on the document. I do apologize that it took so long to get the exact numbers. We had a lot of smart contracts in action, but the API is now pulling everything, so CoinGecko will keep it updated. The tokenomics is available on polker.game.

Next question is how many people are working on Polker right now? Is it still the biggest team in the industry? Why? It seems only four people and two people are watching developing. I mean, why is no one taking care of the community? Why is there no high amount of quality content from PKR on social media if theoretically there are full time workers for it?

Let me see. I’m going to include contractors. We’ve reduced the team to around 16 people. So some of those are part time contractors on the design side. So the team is slightly smaller. What’s the company behind Cardano? I forgot at this point in time, but, I mean, they have 600 employees. We don’t have 600 employees, so we’re not the biggest blockchain company in the industry. We now have people working who came from other projects and have signed NDA so we can’t disclose where they’ve been working. But we have some really cool things coming so keep an eye on that.

Regarding PKR as a token, I know that you know that we had a big run in the price. There are some cool updates coming out on that. I’ve rewritten the white paper to update the fact that we are now in Polygon. The prio white papers talked about Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, which are completely moot points so I’ve revised and created the 2024 Polygon white paper for the token. We’ll put that out this week. So that’s going to be something obviously we can announce. It’s got a lot of useful information and also obviously will advertise that to new people coming into the space so they can actually see the benefits. We’re sort of building up with a snapshot at the moment for the launch of the DAO. As for the game, I’m not sure if it’s the right time to launch it, but even then, I’m still aiming to have a Q1 release. So, I think PKR is going to have a lot more utility and a lot more information about it coming out within the next couple of months as well. And when I say that, I mean, a lot of that is going to be coming from me. So, I’m a little bit more certain of the timeliness. The white paper is done. That’s finished and ready to be published. So, keep your eye on social media because I’ll try and get that out. We’ll get it out this week so you can all have a look for it. Um, potentially. We’ll put some articles out as well just so people who have not been aware of what we are doing can come in.

There’s a question from Big Bag asking for any resources and Polker’s exact roadmap too.

So yeah, the roadmap is the next thing that I know needs updating. That will be again, hopefully a Q1 update, ideally the earlier part of Q1. So I’ll try and get that updated during this month. The main reason it’s not been updated is that obviously, I want to make sure that everything we put on there, is here. I don’t want that we decide to put things in the roadmap and then have to change it down the line so I’m personally being cautious. I think everyone at Polker is being cautious on where we’re putting things. But again, so we’ll have the white paper come out this week and then expect it either the week after or the week after that. We’ll revise the roadmap and publish that as well. So we’ll keep putting things out for Polker over the next couple of weeks. We’ve got some exciting things. There are some cool things with Web3 integration directly to the game that will be coming out later to a completely decentralized approach to the NFTs for people who want to use it that way. Not a necessity. So, there’s some cool stuff that’s coming down the line.

And the last question from Big Bag was, “any information on how many users the platform currently has?”

So the stats that we have come through from Epic Games. In the first month of the launch, we had 4432 downloads. That has tapered off understandably. At the moment, there is limited sort of utility in the game. And from level four, the game has bugs and you can’t proceed. So, daily Players was, uh, it did balance that. Daily players were staying between 35 and 65 for a while. That’s also tapered down. The downloads were actually slightly higher than expected considering we kind of launched with no marketing on that, but I think once we launch the game on mobile — it’s easy. You download the game through Play Store, you open it, you’re instantly logged in directly with your Google account. There’s no registering. There’s no need to do anything. We will have a way that we’ll connect your account. If you have an account already on the desktop, you can connect to your Epic Games one, so anything you’ve got in the game will be balanced between the two accounts and you can just continue playing. It’s just a much smoother experience on mobile. It doesn’t work on old phones, but it’s not like a computer where you need a very expensive gaming computer to really enjoy the experience. So yeah, we do have players. Obviously we’d like to have more. Once we have the functioning mobile game live, we can bring users in, then we will begin marketing to bring people in. However, it just seems it is a large expense to be spending when you don’t have a game to download. The reason that there is not a huge amount of marketing right now is the fact that we can’t be leading people to a mobile game that at this point in time doesn’t exist. We will begin doing some marketing for PKR. There’s a lot of cool things coming out, like I mentioned with the whitepaper with the DAO, on using snapshots with voting options. So we’ll make sure that we are putting that out in the media, and we’ll be doing that before the game launch as well. So keep your eye out on our social media.

If you are reading crypto news,perhaps you’ll see some publications. Normally, once you start, then other people pick up on the news as well. Quite often, we get organic pickups from that one. So, we will be trying to put stuff out. We’ll be putting things on social media. I am aware, as someone mentioned, that we’re not fully lively. We used to have one, two, three, four, probably like at least 4 to 5 people full time just on the telegram chat. Moderating it at this point in time is not necessarily right. It’s not 2021 right now so we have cut back on unnecessary things, which is a bit of a shame but I do feel that we will get back to the point, and the whole industry will get back to the point where it’s required again. So, it’s nice to see in these AMAs a lot more people than we were getting last year.

Live Questions:

Conor: I do see there’s one request to speak, so I. Let me see. It’s from Big Bag.

Bigbag: Oh, yeah. Sorry I had to come in late, but I heard you say something about you guys are going to be dropping a white paper here soon, and I didn’t know if that was in regard to PKR. I thought there was already a white paper for that.

Conor : Yeah, we have the white paper out. However, the white paper was talking about the Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain contract. I’ve just revised the white paper. It’s not a it’s not a whole new token white paper.

Big Bag : Oh. So you’re, we’re going to be adding more contracts for more chains?

Conor: I don’t know if you were aware that PKI is no longer on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain after the hack on Poly Network. So since we launched on Polygon in August last year, I’ve just updated the paper to make sure that it doesn’t talk about contracts that are no longer live. So it’s revised. It talks about the future of PKR a little bit better than the old one did. It does explain as well that this was a token that came from Binance Smart Chain. Well, it’s not like this is a brand-new token that never existed before.

Big Bag : All right. Copy that. I appreciate you explaining that.

Conor: Yeah, yeah we did. I’m not trying to launch it as “Oh, this is bigger.” There was no picture before. It does talk about the reason why it’s now on Polygon and why we had to switch from the old chains. I just wanted to put something fresh out there as well, because that was written back in 2020. I think I put that together. So, yeah, it’s a fresh look at the token. It’s got some nice fresh graphics as well, which is nice. It’s just something, something to put out as we move forward into the next year.

Big Bag: Sweet. That’s all I had. Thank you.

Conor: Cool. Cheers, man.

That was all the questions. I know there may be one more. Is there anyone who has anything to ask live? If anyone does have questions, there are a lot of us always listening on social media. You’ll find Tanya, Himanshu, myself, and Hector. You can even send us direct messages. Just ask on telegram, Discord, Twitter.

We do have another request here from Grace. You should be able to speak.

Grace: I know you had mentioned something about the mobile app. Is there an ETA as to when that potentially will be launched?

Yeah. Sorry if you might have missed that. That’s all good. I wouldn’t give an exact date, which is a bit of a shame, I know. I don’t know if I’ve just been kicked out or not. Basically, we are redoing some of the code from, from language, basically to make it easier or smoother for us to move forward. I would imagine, if I put my guess on it, that it would be in the middle of March, but that is a bit of a guess. It may be earlier. It may be slightly later. I would be surprised if it’s not Q1, basically. So, I’m going to be a little bit vague. If it’s not Q1, I would be disappointed myself. I don’t want to give an exact date because that’s always backfired in the past but yeah, I do expect that it will be in this quarter.

Grace: Perfect. Thank you, I appreciate that.

Conor: No worries. Cheers. Thank you for the question, Grace. And we got a question from Joe. There you go. Joe, I don’t know if you are unmuted. However, there’s a slightly terrifying sound coming from your speaker at the moment.Can you hear me?

Joe: Yeah. I can hear you there. I’m in my van. I can leave if it’s scaring everyone.

Conor: There was a creepy breathing. What’s your question? I’m not sure if it’s me or if you’ve dropped out. It’s gone completely silent.

I see that Joe is still there. Joe, if you do want to ask anything, now’s your opportunity. But obviously just feel free to send a message as well. Joe is lively in both of our community chat and also in the price chat. So, if anyone isn’t aware of that, please just ask to get linked to it. It’s quite lively and it’s not moderated. Well, I’m not going to advise someone to be politically incorrect, but there’s a little bit more vocal freedom in that chat. Let me put it that way, considering that it’s not controlled by us, it’s community one but I’m thankful for the community who decided to put that together because it takes any risk away from us, from the SEC. So, yeah, I appreciate that.

But yeah, we had a lot of useful questions. I know there’s been frustration with this delay. I can echo that. That frustration also resonates with everyone in the company. It wasn’t really a decision that we took lightly and definitely isn’t something that we were looking forward to announcing to you guys or even to us. But I’m glad that everyone sort of understands, and that there is a bit of patience in this. So, yeah, please keep an eye out on our social media. We will be putting quite a few announcements out, like I said, regarding the game and regarding PKR — probably more regarding PKR over the next few weeks. Any questions that come through, just pop them on Telegram, Discord, Twitter. We’ll answer them there. If you want them on the AMA, we’ll do that again in a couple of weeks.

Have a great week, guys. From everyone at Polker, we wish you a lovely time. And we’ll be speaking to you here in a couple of weeks again.

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