Polker AMA Recap — Monday 4th September 2023!

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Polker AMA Recap — September 2023

Good Morning and good afternoon, everyone! Welcome to another Polker AMA. It is Monday again. I hope everyone has had a good weekend. As usual, let’s just give it a few minutes for people to join live and then we’ll be answering the questions that have come through social media.

Okay, I see that we’ve got a few people joining now. So let’s just go ahead. We haven’t had a huge amount of questions come through during this week. I know that for many of us — on one side of the planet, at least — it’s the last weeks of summer. So it is understandable. But, yeah, let’s just look at what had come through. I’ll do my best to address those right now.

So the questions came through from Salvo, our resident Italian. Thank you, Salvo!

The administrators confirmed the start of the marketing campaign at the launch of the game. What do you mean by marketing? What type? Are you going to follow the same line you’ve followed now? or will it be a PASSIVE marketing, i.e. hoping for the visibility of the EPIC GAMES platform?

So, yep. It is true. We will be doing more passive marketing at the beginning, leading up to the launch — so, as we’re getting there through September. Obviously, there will be more active marketing as well. We will make sure there is a marketing campaign and it’s not just hoping for organic views on Epic Games. There are a lot of games on Epic — so we will use the game store as a place for Marketing. Polker is actually pinned on Epic Games on the homepage. There are campaigns we can run through in them. At the same time, we are pushing closer to the Android release; so that’s Play Store.

So, mobile is coming shortly, too. When it comes to the Android release, obviously, this has to run through the Play Store itself. So, it’s a slightly different pipeline of going through to the game this way. But this is the same with other Android projects, there’s no way around this if you want to be allowed to run with Google. We’re making sure we follow their rules. Google obviously wants their cut of everything — that’s completely fair. We’ll make sure that that’s working smoothly and legally as they set it up.

So we have Play Store, we have Epic Games as passive marketing. Again, we will do active marketing as well whether that’s through streamers, Google ads, or social media advertising. There’s a few different things and avenues we will be looking into further.

I know that the reason you ask that question wasn’t really directly to do with how we’re gonna advertise the game; it is coming back to the token. I know you worded this carefully so as not to specifically ask this question — and that’s really appreciated. But you do say that you are currently trying for us to indirectly promote the token as well, keeping that fine line between utility token and probable value in it.

Yeah, 100% we will be promoting the token. The token is not promoted as an investment tool. That’s the main thing that’s important. The use of the token and the utility of the token — 100% we will be promoting that. We’ll be adding things to it and making sure that it grows. It’s not an investment vehicle and we will not be promoting it as such. But for its utility and growing utility, yes. Of course, we want to make sure that people are using the token, that there are more uses for the token, and that there are more benefits for those who have the token. That’s something 100% we will be doing.

When it comes to promoting the token and what it’s going to be doing, that is something that we can do, we will do, and we want to do for us and for you as the community. But when it comes to giving a value to the token, that’s something I know you understand that we can’t do that and we won’t be doing that.

So, yeah, we’re really looking forward to getting the game out on the Epic Store. And really looking forward to having at least the Android app first. The Apple app store is a bit stricter on how things go through. Android will probably come slightly ahead. That’s fine — mobile was always gonna be a little bit tricky with blockchain, poker and being non-gambling. But we do have approval, so we’re going forward with those at the right speed.

Last thing I do want to mention — it wasn’t asked, but I will just bring it up because I know it’s in everyone’s mind — is just regarding the token. We still have the full intention of running the claim portal this week. The contract for the C20 standard on Polygon and the contract for the claim itself had both been audited. The audit, if you ask for it in any of our social media — we will provide. And we will make sure that there is a link to it on our website coming up early this week as well — before we actually put the claim. We just want to make sure that we have a secure portal for you to be able to use in the front-end. The backend is all done and audited and ready to go. We’re in the final steps there. Just make sure that we make it look good and work easy for everyone on the front-end side. So we can move forward and that we can put the hack in the Poly Network behind us.

I do want to call out if anyone from Poly Network does happen to listen to this or if anyone is familiar with anyone from Poly Network, that we’ve still had no communications through official and unofficial channels regarding the handling of the hack and if there are plans for them to reach out. It would be much appreciated at this point — we’re not expecting it. But even just reaching out with an apology would be much appreciated at this point. It’s been quite unprofessionally handled by everyone out there. So I have spoken to them privately that I will mention this. We’re at the point where — feel free to reach out if there is a misunderstanding. But at this point, we aren’t expecting it and we are disappointed.

But other than that, it is a brand new week. It is Monday — there’s a lot of things coming up this week for us and hopefully for you, too. So, keep your eyes peeled. Always feel free to send us a message on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and wherever. Otherwise, we’ll be answering your questions next Monday here. But we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions on our social media as well.

Thanks for tuning in and have a good week, guys!

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