Polker AMA Recap — Monday 22nd January 2024!

5 min readJan 24, 2024

Welcome to our AMA. It’s Monday, the 22nd of January. Let’s give it a few minutes to allow people to join and then we’ll get going. I know that there is one question on everyone’s mind, so hopefully I’ll be able to answer that for you and anything else that comes up. You’ll have the opportunity to ask later. Just give it a few more minutes and then we’ll start with the one question today.

Okay, I can see we got a few people here. So thank you guys for joining. I know a lot of people will be listening to this recording later on, so we’ll try and go through the basic level of where things are. I’m guessing the question on everyone’s mind and the only question, which you know it’s not very often we only get one, is regarding the Android release.

I know that we’ve not had a huge amount of communications regarding this, so I do apologize for that but I will try and clear that up as much as possible today. I know we have some bad news and good news. Starting on the less good news, let’s call it not bad news. There is going to be a delay on the release of the Android game. This is a decision that we have made. There are some infrastructure changes on the architecture. Regarding the game itself, these are slightly longer than anticipated to have it sort of implemented exactly as we want. There was a way that we could release it. However, we do want to make sure it is an excellent gaming experience. You know, we don’t want to release it where there were any sort of complaints or anything. So we have made the decision to make this change so there will be just a few weeks on that, unfortunately.

The good news is that we do have full approval from Google so we are ready to go. They would have accepted the game in the state it was in. It was a difficult decision because the game did work. It would have been able to go out. However, at this point we don’t want to release it — we’ve always strived to deliver excellence. We’ve waited long enough. I think that waiting a few more weeks to make sure that we get it out perfectly is the right thing for Polker and the right thing for you guys, our community. So, yeah, I do apologize for the delay. Obviously, it’s not something that we want to be doing. However, in the end, it’s going to be a better experience for you, and a better experience for the company. It’s not great but we’ll move through it. It is what it is on this one, but we’re good from Google.

I don’t know if anyone here is not on Telegram. If you’re not, please just jump into Polker Crew. We have a couple of logos out. We narrowed them down to two, but we like both of them so we’d rather that you, as a community, pick the actual logo that we’ll be choosing for the Android app. They can be changed later, but we’d rather that have community input. It’s always been important to us, and we want to keep it that way. So there is a poll live on telegram. Let’s have a look right now.

At the moment, we only got 36 people voting on it. Option one seems to be the favorite, but do check it out. I’ll leave the poll live for the next couple of days. I think we’ll get a clear answer at that point, so do check it later in the week.

We are going to also put another poll out. So obviously the game will not just be called Polker. We have a few options for the title as it appears on your phone so just keep an eye on Wednesday for another poll out for those options. So we have three at the moment. Maybe we’ll narrow it down to two, or maybe we’ll put all three of them out and let you guys choose.

So I know that I know that people wanted good news. The good news is the game does work, where it was completely playable. But we do want an excellent gaming experience, not just a gaming experience so you are going to have to bear with us, unfortunately, for a few more weeks on the mobile delivery. But, yeah, we have full approval. We’re ready to go.

For those of you in Polker, it seems that, you know, price has been stable. After an almost 1,000% push, it’s holding well, considering the year we have had. Bitcoin went down almost 18% over the last few days. So, investors on both sides and people interested in the game, I do hope that you understand the situation. Again, not one that we want to be in, but one that we’ll get through and we’ll get the game out.

So that was the only question that had been asked through social media, I would say by who, but it has been asked by so many people I wouldn’t be able to list the names.

Well, while we’re here, I know that there are people obviously listening. Now, are there any other questions that people want to ask live? I’m going to take the lack of requests for that as a no. So just on that note, I do hope you guys have a good week. Please keep questions coming on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, wherever you want. Send DMs to us — our staff is never going to DM first. We’ve got Tanya on here. We’ve got Himanshu; you’ve got me. Feel free to contact at any time. We do want to make sure that we are answering questions. I know that we haven’t been answering great regarding the mobile release, which is why I’ve tried to clear that one up today.

For questions, for anything that comes up, and if you need any help with anything, we’ll always do our best to sort that out for you so we try to keep it as personal as possible. Otherwise, have a great couple of weeks. We’ll be back on the AMA in two weeks’ time. And keep an eye on social media. Now, check out Telegram, and please put your vote in on the poll for the logo and check back on Wednesday as well, so we can have the poll for the title of the game. So thank you for tuning in. For those of you listening to the recording, I hope that this is at least a satisfying answer, even if it’s not the one you wanted completely. Take care.

If you have not yet joined our Community Launch then download the game now here! Questions? Reach out on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or contact us by email at hello@polker.game.

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