Polker AMA Recap — Monday 22nd April 2024!

9 min readApr 24, 2024

Hey, guys! It’s another Monday Polker AMA. Well, I hope you guys have all had a good weekend. It has been a couple of weeks since the last one, so we’ve had a few questions come in on social media. And of course we will answer any questions that you have live. If you have one just request. Let’s just give it a few minutes to allow anyone to join and then I’ll get through the questions that have come through on social media.

Okay, so I guess we can go ahead and start asking questions. Thank you guys who are joining in. And for anyone listening later, hopefully this answers a few things that have come through.

So the first question here is from our long-term resident, Burnt Ends. The question is why doesn’t Polker have an active social media presence? Other projects post multiple times a day and other threads, etc? Polker is only posting in Telegram and on their own Twitter account. It’s free and only requires time.

To be honest, you are correct that the social media we’re doing is limited, has been limited for a while, but we are regularly posting our own updates. However, we’ve been not been so active, you know, in other ways as a project. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first one was we expected, as you expected, to have the game out at this point. So this has completely changed our entire strategy that we had. So we’ve been obviously slowing down on everything we’ve been doing. And we’re still obviously now behind time than what we expected again. So if we weren’t in this position, things would be different. We would have been much more active. And if we had realized it was going to be this much time — the fact it’s now the 22nd of April — we would have also been more active. So in hindsight, yes, some mistakes made on our strategy on that one. And the other part of that is that due to the fact that we were in such delays, we have a reduced number of staff working. We do have a large team compared to a lot of crypto projects, but we’re not as large as we were, especially in the non-development side. And you did mention that the non-development side at the end of your question, we are an extremely reduced team overall. So there have obviously been some compromises that had to be made. And yeah, in hindsight, like I did mention, we would have realized that it was going to be coming up to May and we wouldn’t have had the game, I think social media strategy would have been completely different. But this isn’t where we wanted or expected to be. So hindsight is always 20/20. It is something that we want to adapt as well, not just one, moving forwards. But yeah, I can definitely agree that that was a mistake on our part. However, you know, this is another situation that we just didn’t expect to be in so we can try and improve this moving forward. I’m always open to suggestions as well if you have any ideas of things you’d like us to be doing. But I completely agree with you, and I think everyone at Polker can can agree that that strategy would have worked. We expected that the game would be out four months ago at this point. So it’s a bit disappointing for you guys and for us. But we can change that moving forward at least.

Then we have a couple of questions come in from Merlinzbeard. Nice username. The first one here is when will the old regular staking be brought back?

I can’t tell you exactly when, but I can tell you it won’t be there before the game is live on Android. I will be 100% certain of that. So we do have the smart contracts, but at the moment the back end team are just implementing all of the new code and merging all of the commits together. So we shouldn’t be too far off actually having the game out after that. You know, they can be focusing on getting the UI up and implementing the code on Polygon for the new token, but it definitely won’t be there before that. So I think as soon as we’ve got the game out on Android, I’ll be able to give you an answer to that question. But before then, I won’t be able to give you an accurate answer. It is still definitely something that we’re planning on doing. So hopefully that brings a little bit of peace of mind to the anser.

And then the second question again from Merlinzbeard is where do the team see Polker and the PKR token by the end of next year? What do you want achieved by then?

I will try to answer this first from the side of the game. You know, we’re definitely committed to having the Android game out much sooner than the end of the year, which is something that I do believe will be able to do in a matter of weeks. I will be able to give more information on that also soon. We will be having a new commit to the development portal on Google Play for all of the team to be able to check on Android either tomorrow or on Wednesday morning. So hopefully from there, we’ll understand exactly how long we have left — which features or if there were any bugs in that code. It should be fairly clean but I don’t want to give too much away. I was hoping that this AMA would fall the week after as they will have more information by then. So in the next couple of days, it should be much clearer how long we have left on that.

A couple of things I can mention. I have now seen the game played on a Mac. So we’ve not mentioned that before. This is the first time I think I’ve mentioned it. One of our devs had managed to build it on Unreal on Mac. The Mac and iOS build is not our priority focus right now. However, they won’t be too long behind the Android one, so once the Android one is out, it will not be the same wait again as we waited between Windows and this. So we’re looking forward to having those. But now I know that they do work. They have some features that weren’t 100% functional, but they were much more functional than the early Android ones so they’re not far behind. Those features are something that we definitely want this year as well. And ideally, we’d like to be able to have some of the mini-games live. That will be the end of the year. We’re looking at full features of the game on Polker across four platforms. So that’ll be Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. And then also hopefully we’ll have more maps unlocked on that or direct NFTs as well as the standard rares. So all of those going then potentially I think we should be able to have the mini games, at least one of them live also by the end of this year too, which would be fun and different as well. So I think that would be good.

Regarding PKR token, I’m not going to do some price speculation on this. Utility wise, there’ll be a lot of changes. We will have all the implemented buyback and burn features. Running crypto markets are probably poised for a change by the end of this year. I would imagine in the next few months, we will start to see what we saw during 2021 begin to begin again. Bitcoin halving obviously was finalized just a couple of days ago actually, literally two days ago. Nice that we got there. It seems it was a long time, definitely a long four years ago but it is probably exciting times ahead for crypto overall. Obviously, rising tide lifts all ships and we’re not going anywhere. We’ve not gone anywhere. So I do believe that we’ll be able to make sure that the token gets the exposure that all of you guys and us want from that as well. So I think I’ll leave that there regarding the tokens. So I am not going to be saying too much, but hopefully that gives sort of an answer if there’s any. If anyone wants any clarity on those things then please feel free to task on social media. Um, um, if there’s anything that we want to just have clarified there.

We do have a new feature that is just added. We’re going to have some features later on in the game. Some of the medals are changed on some of the higher maps. They will require deploying an NFT. So obviously we want to just make sure that we are going to have a new line of NFTs launched. There’s not going to be a sale for these. They will be available to all players. You will have to own a PKR pass and all you have to do is log in and play three days in a row. They will not be coming from the play-to-earn collection. However, they will work as they will give you the same points as earning one of the standards, and you’ll still be able to add accessories from them. However, they will just not be from the same limited amounts. So fun functionality, cool functionality. They’re probably going to have less value on-chain but you will still be able to withdraw. They will have a lot of utility within the game as well. So it’s something we thought we’d add that enables everyone to be able to move through the levels and also something fun as well. I’ve coined it the “Welcome NFT.” It’s not a welcome NFT completely. Maybe it will have a different name at launch but that’s that’s the name that has been given at this point in time. So that’s all running too. That’ll be there when this game is put out to Android for you guys. I know a couple of new things that have been mentioned on that — regarding iOS, Mac stuff and the welcome NFT bits. I know that the news that the game isn’t ready at this point in time, which is probably what everyone’s waiting for, isn’t the best news but like I said, hopefully before the end of this week or middle of this week even, we’ll have a little bit more information on where where we are. Timewise, I know that we are very close, but I don’t want to commit to saying that we’re 98 or 99.5% until I’m convinced. So that’s where I feel we are — that we’re closer than 95 but I want to see it myself and not just say what I’m being told from the developers on that one. So fingers crossed we’re closer than we feel, which I do believe we are. But let’s just wait on that.

I know we have quite a few people here. If anyone does want to ask anything, just request to speak. There has been another question from Ted Pixis Code. Will we migrate the PKR token to a new one? Why?

If you’re asking regarding the old PKR, we migrated to Polygon. Yes, we did that in July last year or that I think it was. Well, the hack was last year, 2023, on Poly Networks Bridge, which was the Ethereum by BNB smart chain token. So we did migrate to Polygon. If you’re asking if we’ll migrate again, no, there would be no reason or logic for us to do that.

When is the game coming out?

Hopefully I managed to answer that one as best as I can. I will have further information later this week. So yeah, just be a little bit patient. I know that I’ve had to say that before, so it’s a bit frustrating probably for you and definitely for me.

So let’s see, like I said, we’ll be back here in two more weeks answering questions again. Do put things through on social media as always — Telegram, Discord or Twitter/X, and we’ll leave the answer there or if you want them answered on AMA, just ask. Otherwise, have a good couple of weeks guys. Stay positive, stay on social media and we’ll speak to you soon.

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