Polker AMA Recap — Monday 18th March 2024!

10 min readMar 22, 2024

Good evening wherever you are in the world. Welcome back to another podcast AMA. It is Monday, the 18th of March. We’ll give it a couple of minutes just to allow people to join. We have a few questions on social media, and if anyone does want to ask live, of course, we’ll be answering those two. So I hope everyone’s had a good weekend and yeah, let’s just hold on for a couple of minutes to see if others are joining live.

All right. I think we can begin with the questions that have come through. Thank you guys for joining and to anyone listening later I hope that we manage to answer some of your questions at least today.

First questions have come through here on telegram from DK. The first one which has been probably the question on most people’s minds is the update on the mobile release.

I did mention a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t convinced 100% that it was going to make it in Q1. At this point, that’s unfortunately looking more likely to be the case. We’re probably not going to be far out so I imagine it will be the very beginning of Q2. There are some positive sides to this as well though. So we have been looking into how we’re going to launch this. When you’re logging into the game on Android, it is quite much smoother system. You know, you’re no longer having to log in with Epic Games, download the game and log in. It will go through straight away, connected to your Google account from the Play Store. We found that this is just much easier for people to be using as well. So we’re going to try and add a couple of different authorization methods. Instead what we were planning on doing is having them connect to the current desktop game you’d be able to connect your accounts and have them work side by side. What it looks like we’ll be able to do now is to actually launch a new desktop one at the same time as the mobile game. So they will be identical versions running simultaneously. They’ll both have the same login options, which means that the desktop game won’t be behind the mobile game at the time when they’re both launched. The desktop game was probably going to be a little bit lagging. That’s no longer going to happen so yeah, we’re looking forward to that. It does mean that some of the code that we’ve changed has made that a lot easier so it does look exciting. It is going to be smoother. All the features are going to be running there. The forge, the chest, the accessories, the withdrawal/deposits of NFTs, the equipping of accessories and all of that will be features that will be within the game. So we’re not looking at a huge amount of time here. It’s going to be a little bit longer. Uh, but hopefully we will be launching the desktop update at the same time as the Android update. And after that as well, it doesn’t look like it will be too long for us to be pushing this out on iOS and Mac as well. So we’ve actually done a couple of quick production builds just to see how that’s going to join, how that’s going to work. They seem to run there and do need some changes, but not as many as we would have expected. So the process is going to be going through the App Store, probably before the release on Android. So we’ll just see how long that’s going to take. Their times vary massively and they’re also a little bit more picky and controlling regarding blockchain NFT. And even though we’re not gambling, we are a poker platform so I do think we will get approval. Whether there are any blockers on that, I really can’t predict at this point in time. We’re not really behind schedule as much. You know there was a risk but yeah, we probably will be running into Q2 a little bit on that. Hopefully that’s not too much of a disappointment, but we’re only a couple of weeks behind where we thought we would be.

The next question that’s come through from DK and Rager and that’s regarding Neo Tokyo.

I’ve always said since the first people were bringing up Neo Tokyo that it wasn’t something that I was completely against. We have been doing a lot of research into the platform, and while we’re still not against it, we’re also not 100% sure it is going to be completely beneficial for us. So I would say it is on hold. We are looking at other platforms and other partnerships. However, Neo Tokyo itself, although a sort of large community, is also not necessarily a particularly sustainable community right now so I will keep following it. And I think other staff members of poker will follow it if it continues the way it’s going, which, to be honest, doesn’t seem to be uphill. We’ll probably avoid it if the direction changes and the community starts staying stronger. But following their token price and their community sentiment at the moment, I think we will hold off.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, we have announced our partnership with Web3 Dubai. They run some of the biggest Web3 events obviously in the Emirates, mostly worldwide with Dubai being probably the crypto hotspot internationally at this point in time. We have also managed to get a deal where we do have ten free tickets as well to give away to our community. So I don’t know if anyone is in Dubai or feels like traveling Dubai in the next 40/41 days but we do have those tickets to give away. I only found out we had those tickets to give away yesterday. So at this point in time, we haven’t got a plan on how we want to run a competition for those. If any of you guys have ideas, um, on how you would like us to organize that, then please let us know. We’re open to hear ideas on that. Or if anyone just happens to be in Dubai and wants a free ticket, if there are any left over and we haven’t got rid of them in competitions, then hit us up. I’m sure we’ll be able to help you out with that. It’s not just that we’ve got a partnership with them. We are actually going to be on all of their promotional material. We will be marketed at the event as well so we’re looking forward to that. I’m not sure the total number of attendees is. It seems to be growing quite fast. I know they’re also organizing private events outside of the main event due to the number of people who are attending. I guess with the crypto market and sentiment picking up, they probably got a lot, a lot busier than they would have expected to be when they started organizing this one. So that’s good news. They’re a good team. We will be doing Twitter Spaces with them on their Twitter tomorrow at 3 PM UTC. So if anyone wants to tune in, check out Web3 Dubai on Twitter. We’ll be giving away $100 PKR. They have a lively community. They normally have 600 to 1000 listeners on their Twitter spaces doing an AMA there. So I will be answering questions for them. And if any of you want to join, just come across and check that one out.

Let’s see what else we’ve got. Okay. The last question from DK was on details about mini games and PKR utility.

So on the mini games basically, I’m just going to use Temple Run as one of those games. And most people are familiar with one of the earlier, very simple sort of pick up your phone app. It doesn’t matter if you play for 30 minutes or for an hour. It takes very little skill but it’s a very simplistic fun game. We have looked into Tetris, however, Tetris Company still owns the IP for that and they do not give many licenses per year. We have tried but it will probably be more unlikely than we hope. But games like that, something where you can pick up, play simple, put down, you’re not going to lose your place. It’s not a complicated game to build or to play but still enjoyable. So that’s kind of the thing we have in mind for mini games. So obviously we’ll incorporate our intellectual property — the characters from our NFTs. So if you’re playing Temple Run, you’re picking one of our characters to be your character. And you’re playing, your earnings actually pick up from that and you’ll be able to withdraw it to your wallet — and that will actually be play-to-earn fully tokenized. So you will be earning the token in those play-to-earn games unlike poker, which is not directly on the token PKR utility.

I’ve covered this before. I do believe we will bring back the PK to PKR staking on Polygon and not the staking rewards for LP staking that was quite a sort of a complicated process. At the moment, our back end team is just busy. So, once the game is out on Android, we’ll be able to focus on just putting that contract live and putting a front end out on that one again.

And then one of the biggest things that we really wanted once the game is out is to make this more of a decentralized community. So at the moment we are a company and we make the decisions on what we’re doing. And obviously the community is not always happy with them. Just like with any company, not everyone agrees with the direction things are going. So we do want to create this into a DAO. We do want to give a bit more community control to what we’re doing, how we’re moving forward. At this point in time, it’s not overly helpful because right now we have one thing in our mind, which is to get this game out on Android, have the game live on both platforms, and proceed after that point.

When it comes to the mini-games, ideas for intellectual property usage and anything else, and also with economic changes, there are sort of things that we can be using as well. So I have actually got it set up as a private snapshot. As soon as we’re at a point where we can actually start implementing ideas that we can give to a community, then I think that would be the right time to actually launch that. So we really wanted this live at the end of last year. Unfortunately, these changes to the game have delayed that. So it’s not a massive change. For those of you who are not used to Web3 integrations, familiarize yourself with snapshot. There are plenty of other ways. It is basically as simple as connecting MetaMask to snapshot with the wallet that holds your PKR and clicking vote, picking the option you want to vote on or submitting a proposal yourself. It will be a token-weighted vote. So if you have a thousand tokens, you can vote that many. If you have 10,000, your vote is ten times more. So, the more tokens you hold, the more power your vote will have. That is how all votes are working. Luckily, we have a fairly decent distribution and obviously the company won’t be voting, so I do believe it should work fairly. And there are ways we can make sure that people aren’t using the system unfairly too. So we’ll be just making sure that those are implemented.

And from. GP. Not the normal long list of questions, but quite a good and valid one which is why not do some tournaments with prizes? Once launched, start thinking of these things — PKR rewards for the community. It’s time for cheap promotion, don’t you think?

100% agree with this. For those of you who’ve been around for a long time, you probably remember that we actually had rewards we ran the Friday trivia for. I don’t know how long we actually ran that. For two and a half years, so at least two years. I know Hector was doing it. Austin was doing it. I’ve done it. Tanya has done it. So there’s been a lot of people who have been running it. The reason we stopped it was there were not enough people joining in. Obviously the community is getting livelier again. So things like that, we might, you know, we can start doing again tomorrow.

We are doing the $100 giveaway with Web3 Dubai. So I do think it is a good time to start doing things like that again. If you guys have ideas as to what you’d like for these kinds of competitions and where you’d like us to be doing them, whether it’s Discord, Telegram, Twitter, please just let us know on social media. Obviously these competitions in the end are for you guys and for other people who are joining the community. So it’s great for us to have a great idea, but if it’s not what works best for you, then there’s not much point in us doing it. So pop any ideas through. That doesn’t mean that we will take them and obviously not everyone’s going to have to agree or have the same opinion but just let us know. Let us know anywhere on social media what you’d like and we can go through the list and start seeing if any of those work. And if there’s a clear consensus from you guys on one thing you really do want, that’s something we can definitely bring back. And if it’s a trivia or rewards for something similar, then we can do that. And if it’s something new, then of course that will be considered too. But yeah,100% I do think that bringing back small competitions and rewards are definitely, definitely going to be worthwhile.

That is all of the questions that I’ve got here from the last two weeks on social media. I don’t know if there is anyone who wants to ask anything live.

Okay. I’m going to assume there are no requests. Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Keep questions coming through Telegram,Discord, Twitter, wherever you want. We always do our best to answer them there and then. If not, we will be running the AMA in two weeks’ time. So yeah, we’ll speak to you guys then and hope you guys all have a great week.

Take care!

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