Polker AMA Recap — Monday 16th October 2023!

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I hope everyone had a good weekend. It is time for another AMA here. Ee will just give it a few minutes to allow people to join as usual, and then we’ll get going with the questions that we’ve had come through over the past seven days.

Okay, let’s see what we’ve got so far.

The first question here has come through from FOMO Prince, and that is how confident are you about the marketing team and how effective it will be?

I’m relatively confident in the marketing team. I think that we have a lot of connections that are set up. The effectiveness obviously is not going to be as the same effectiveness it would have been in 2021. If you look across all blockchain news media, the views, the metrics are just down, unfortunately, so putting adverts out on specific places right now i’s simply not getting the same amount of hits. That’s an unfortunate sort of situation about the whole space. So if we’re marketing on a blockchain site, we’re still going to get visibility. The people who are there now will be there in the future and obviously they will grow again. Sentiment always comes in waves in this industry, but right now we’re probably at the lowest it’s been since before halving of Bitcoin in 2020. So it is a difficult time for marketing as a blockchain project, marketing as a gaming project. We’re a very small company so marketing-wise our expense budget is extremely low compared to any large game studio. So visibility-wise, even with the blockchain media and stuff, there is going to be a smaller amount of views, we’ll be much more visible in this space. Whereas, marketing in the gaming space, there are companies, there are individual gamers that are spending millions a week. That’s not something that we can compete with. I do believe it will be effective, especially once we have a mobile release. It’s a lot easier for people to click, download a game from the Play Store than to be bothered to open the computer, go to a website, and download a game. People are very used to having things simpler. I’m confident in the marketing team and strategies. It’s just timing- wise and and to be realistic, I think that’s important here as well. We’re not going to be taking over the world with poker; we simply cannot compete with some companies on this.

And we have thank GP for coming through this week. I think you got another seven questions or at least six of them here.

When will staking be live again?
I don’t have a direct answer for that, but I’m going to come back to the question in a minute, because I have to have something to add to that that I think you guys will like quite a lot.

When will liquidity be added on Uniswap Dex?
So I can confirm now that the DEX that we will be going with is SushiSwap. There is a reason for this and the reason comes back to the first question regarding staking. Well, the staking pool will go live again, just the PKR/PKR. But what we will be offering on top of SushiSwap is we will also be offering PKR for liquidity farming as well. So the people who are offering the liquidity pair, the liquidity pair will be PK/USDC. People offering that as well will be rewarded in PKR that’s going to be run through Steer Finance. We will have the smart contract on our website. It will be mentioned by the Sushi Team as well on their website. So a few more things to come on that later. The exact staking pool that we had, we will put that live too but there will be a liquidity staking pool live from Wednesday as well so look forward to that one.

Any updates on the mobile game?
Not really. It’s still moving along as planned. There are some changes that we’re seeing on the back end. We have had to move some things on to Unreal Engine 5.3 from 5.1 due to Google Play Store. It looks good. Hopefully, we’re all on track to be released sooner rather than later — no blockers have come up on that. So hopefully that we’re good on that one.

The fourth question from GP is regarding marketing.
I think I covered that mainly from FOMO Prince’s question there before.

What is the right circulating supply? Has it increased?
I’m still giving the same answer as I gave last week. Both CMC and CoinGecko definitely are giving incorrect answers. We don’t even have a fully correct answer ourselves — it’s much lower. This is simply due to the fact that we know most of the tokens are held within smart contracts that cannot be claimed, that no one has ownership of them. So if we could report that number as the circulating supply, it would be much higher. And the second part of the question is has it increased that way? It would be a much increased number, however not completely realistic even. We don’t have a completely accurate number right now because the only way we can, we can report that number — and that would have to be seen as accurate — but it’s much higher than the realistic one. I think that’s the only fair way to do it. Any number that we give lower than that has the theoretical chance that we have no ownership of those tokens. We are just checking with CoinGecko on how they would do it. It seems that that is probably the most fair option. It does mean that the number will probably be up to 150 million higher than it needs to be, but I do want one of the two media, CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap, to at least have a live way to record the number. Right now with CoinMarketCap, I have no idea where they’re getting their number from. CoinGecko also wants to work out an accurate number on Polygon. So this seems to be the most fair option. It does mean that the realistic supply is actually low, which is always better. I would much rather overreport circulating supply than underreport it. So bear with us on that. We’re trying to get an accurate number or an accurate way for them to pull the data and it should then be updated on CoinGecko. I’m in contact with CoinMarketCap, but they’re literally the slowest people at replying. They’re a large company and they are owned by an even larger company so I can’t blame them. But we will try and get it updated.

What is the real and actual Market cap of Polker right now?
This comes back to the question before of how we’re actually going to have to look at circulating supply. I think we’re going to have to do it the way I mentioned, which is going to over-report the circulating supply, which ends up being beneficial to everyone because it actually means there are much less tokens in circulation. However, it would be really unethical for us to remove them from claim contracts when theoretically there are people who may have a stake over those, even though we can guarantee that they can’t. It’s not true ownership so it’s a bit of a hard situation to be in. Both options are not are not great. So once there is a set circulating supply decision on how they are going to pull the data, we’ll be able to work out a more feasible market cap. So that’s going to be the only way to do it. I don’t want to give a market cap that I’m making up. CoinGecko seems to have some good ideas. I just need them to find a way that they can actually pull the data live so it’s updating. I’m just hoping that they actually do it. We are speaking with them and as soon as that’s updated on their end, at least Coingecko’s information will then be live. It won’t be lagging or anything, but this is expected. We’ve just launched a new contract so this is normal.

Back to the good news. Bittrex has confirmed the 18th. They were hoping for the 13th but we did announce mid-October because there were always delays on things like this. But it’s been confirmed 100% that Bittrex will be the 18th, so we have the liquidity. We’ve also been speaking with the Sushi team LP farming. It’s not something that we offered before to record to reward liquidity farming, but it’s something that’s being offered by Steer Finance who work with the Sushi Team. So that’s going to be something that we will do anyway — more incentives for community and tokens. I know that’s something that we keep promising and probably under so I’m happy to be able to announce that. And then we will get the staking live again as soon as possible.

So that’s pretty much everything that we’ve had come through over the past week.There’s a few new people or than usual, if anyone does have anything they want to ask, please feel free to, raise your hand and just ask live.

For anyone who’s listening to this live and anyone who’s listening to the recording, I do hope that this has answered at least those questions then. As usual, we are always available on Telegram, on Twitter, on Discord and also by email. Just feel free to send any questions you have. We’ll answer them as well as we can at the time, and if not, I’ll try and answer them on Mondays. I hope wherever you are in the world that you are having a good week and we will speak to you at the same time, same place.

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