Polker AMA Recap and Token Update — Monday 23rd October 2023!

7 min readOct 26, 2023

Hi, everyone. Welcome to another Polker AMA. It is Monday again. I will just give it a few minutes to allow people to join, to answer some questions and just give a bit of information from our side. Hope everyone’s had a good weekend and we’ll get this going in a few minutes.

All right, I’m going to get this going. We don’t have many people here live but I know that a lot will listen to the recording at a later time.

So, a couple of things I do want to start with. It has been a relatively busy week. I know that everyone was looking forward to getting the liquidity back on DEX, so we’re happy that it has moved forward well. Everything’s gone smoothly with SushiSwap and with the liquidity staking over on Steer Finance, which is a SushiSwap funded program. So everything’s looking really good on that end and is going smoothly. For those of you who’ve been waiting for the DEX for so long, I’m sorry about the wait. I am happy that you now have the ability to buy and sell without going for any of the centralized entities. I do want to add, just regarding Bittrex, we had made the announcement that they were going live with the trading. This was information that we had from their end as well. Unfortunately, they are having issues with the integration of their Polygon nodes — it’s every token on Polygon, including Matic itself. At this point in time, they are unable to actually allow trading as they cannot have withdrawals and deposits live. They have given their apologies to us. They did have intentions on Friday to have it live today but it doesn’t appear they have managed to get it live today. I would imagine during this week, but I will try and get a more accurate time from them. It is a major upheaval of their entire exchange, so they don’t want to mess it up so I do understand and we’ve learned that delays happen in development. So hopefully that will be sorted from them soon.

Another announcement I just wanted to mention before we ask the questions is just regarding these AMAs. At this point in time, due to the fact that we don’t have a huge amount of questions to be answering every week or a lot of development changes, we would move the AMAs to every other week. This gives time to build up more questions and more things for us to announce as well. If we look at this week, there’s only a couple of questions that have come through so we feel that instead of doing them on a weekly basis, moving them to bi- weekly gives a little bit more use of the time, both for you as a listener and for us as a company, too. So there won’t be an AMA this time next week. There will be 1 in 2 weeks — I’m not here on the 30th and don’t expect me to be, but we’ll be back here on the sixth.

Regarding the questions that did come through, we haven’t got many, as I did mention, but we have a couple here from Bongeni regarding the mobile game — the fee structures that are going to guide advertising.

Will the mobile game have advertising at this point in time?

There will be no advertising actually within the game. Once you’re in the game, there will not be running. For the Play Store, that will be Google Ads as you open the game at first — this is the way we’re looking at. Well, there are a couple of ways that we can change this.

Is there anyone who is playing the game on a paid version, say with passes, etcetera, will not have those, or anyone paying a pass? Yes and no. We haven’t made a firm decision yet. We want to have the game out and running to get feedback and also to have the experience ourselves of what it is from a user’s perspective. So once we have a little bit more metrics, we’ll see which direction we go on how we do that. Once you’re in the game, no, you won’t be playing then suddenly you get adverts come up. That’s something we absolutely don’t want, and obviously in a game like this, that’s something you absolutely don’t want either. Regarding the adverts that will pop up when you open the application, we’ll make sure that there is a version which will have absolutely no adverts. How are we going to have access to that without making it a steep barrier is something that we just want a little bit more data first. Removing it with paying PKR would be probably going to be one of the options — whether it’ll be the only option, probably not, due to the fact that through the Play Store we can’t accept PKR. I think we do have an option that’s directly through the Play Store. So it will be one way, but potentially not the only way. If there is no way we can offer that, if it has to be through the Play Store, we’re trying to work out Google a little bit. They haven’t given a sort of concrete rules on how they allow blockchain crypto payments for apps. Epic is are very clear. If we’re offering it, we can do what we want on the portal. However, Google is a little bit stricter and their rules aren’t as clear either. I’m sure we will find a way and we’ll make sure to keep you informed once we know.

And from Ger4soul. Can you be more transparent with the top 20 wallets from the Polygon blockchain? We want to know who owns them and how they are used as smart contracts.

I’m going to give you a short answer first, which is, to be honest, not really. I can’t obviously give you the full information because with the nature of the blockchain, unless someone doxxes their address, we don’t actually know who the owner is. I have had a look through the top 20 earlier today and the good news is that I can give you seven of them. just bear with me while I bring up polygon scan holders again.

So the wallet number one, which is currently holding 400 million, is controlled by Polker — that will be moved into a lock contract. At the moment it’s under multi-sig so it’s the same basically. It cannot just be cannot just be moved or stolen. So that’s the Polker wallet.

The second wallet there, which is a smart contract, is one of the parts of the claim contract. So those are the 174 million. Then the third wallet is labeled MEXC so you can actually read that directly there.

The fourth one there, which has 36 million, I don’t know, 100%. I do believe that one is Bitmart. I would say with 95% surety that the fourth wallet there is Bitmart. Numbers five and six are both smart contracts. They’re also both part of the claim contract. If you open them and read them, all of the calls to that are claims, because that’s the only thing you can use that contract for.

And then, to be honest, I don’t know seven, eight, nine, and ten. The only one I know further down is number 11. That’s Bittrex with 5.9 million. From those top 20 actually, to be honest I think, they are the only ones that I would know. That’s as much information as I can give you, not by choice. That is as much information as I have. That is the nature of the blockchain — that although we can see all the transactions, unless you tie your name to them, we can’t tell you who’s behind them. So, I can give you those seven. Hopefully that clarifies the question that you had. If there’s any specific thing that stands out to you that you want answers on, I will do my best to answer you, but that’s the most information on that unless you want to hire someone like Chain Analysis to go back and work out if they’ve ever touched a centralized exchange and then put pressure on the centralized exchange to give the the KYC if they registered it. But I do believe that, not being a government body, we probably would not have the power to do that. So hopefully that gives you as much answer as I can. I’m sorry that it’s not all 20, but it’s the only information I have as well.

I can see we have a few more people joining. I hope that anyone listening, this answered those questions. Just a reminder to anyone who wasn’t here or didn’t hear at the beginning that we won’t be running the AMAs every week. We will run them every two weeks. The only reason is basically we don’t have enough questions coming through, and we don’t have a huge amount of announcements. So we figured that giving two weeks for questions to build up and build more things for us to give to you makes more sense. If there’s anything major happening, of course, we’ll put them on more spontaneously. There’s absolutely no reason we won’t do that, but we’ll just keep the routine that it’s every second Monday from now on, at least, until things are busier and there are more questions again. So I hope that everyone has had a good weekend. I hope everyone’s looking forward to the rest of the week. I will not see you here next Monday, but I will be here the Monday after. So have a good week guys, and we’ll speak to you soon.

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