PKR — The 2022 Tokenomics Update

2 min readJan 17, 2022

We announced last year that we would be changing our tokenomics due to community concerns over the vesting schedules. We heard those concerns and we have reacted. This is not something that could be done overnight, this is the entire economics model of the PKR token and needed careful consideration to ensure that they worked today, tomorrow, and in three years time.

To prove our dedication to the project, no team, operations, marketing, or any allocation to the company itself have been touched — and will now all be locked until May 25th 2022.

This means that the entire development, marketing and salaries of over 40 staff have been, and are still being paid from our pocket — and that’s OK with us!

Here is the breakdown of the allocation and the new vesting schedules — as mentioned all team, marketing, development, and operations allocations are to be locked until May 25th 2022. Even then, they will be linearly vesting for another 36–60 months (2.5–5 years!) — so inflation of circulating supply needs no longer be a worry. Check out the tokenomics and continue reading!

Tokenomics Update — 2022

With the Team, Operations, and Development token allocation being locked for Five Years you can see that everyone here at Polker is serious about the project, and also dedicated to ensuring its success.


This is something new, and something that is for you — our community, userbase, and investors — and no one else!

10% — that’s 100,000,000 PKR will be made available to incentivize participation through NFT staking, LP farming, PKR Staking pools and much more. The 10% will unlock upon game release, however, a community DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is being set up which will allow you, our PKR holder and community members to dictate choices regarding duration, allocation, and the mechanics behind reward distribution.

Did Someone Say DAO?

Simply put? Yes.

The company is now focussing strongly on the development of Polker’s debut game. The first blockchain-based NFT poker game developed on Unreal Engine with both play-to-earn and free-to-play mechanics. However, our plans don’t end there. Future games within our ecosystem will be decided via the upcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) voting structure — this way we put the power of the community into the company. We work as one entity. Together, we are stronger.

Our Updated Tokenomics Are Available Here




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