PKR Status Update & FAQ — 9th August 2023

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This will be kept short and sweet, as much was covered in yesterday’s AMA which can be found transcribed here.

The decision has been made to go with a token claim contract. If you held PKR tokens on either BNB Smart Chain or Ethereum, you will be eligible to claim the new PKR token that will be running on Polygon PoS.

We have put together a short FAQ for you all. Please feel free to ask anything on social media and we shall do our best to answer!

What Do I Need To Do Now?
Nothing! If you held the tokens on the 24th of July 00:00 EST / 04:00 UTC you will be eligible to claim once the contract is live.

How Long Will I Have to Claim?
Although a final decision on this has yet to be made, we will keep the claim portal live for a minimum of six months.

I Have My PKR on CEX — What Should I Do?
Again, nothing! If you hold tokens on MEXC, Bitmart, or Bittrex, the exchanges will distribute the tokens themselves once the claim portal goes live. The only thing we cannot guarantee is the timeline, however — since they cannot enable deposits/withdrawals until this is done, they are likely to be prompt.

When Is The New Token Going Live?
Although we do not have the exact date at this point in time, we will have it once we have the audit report and all CEXs have accepted the security of the token. This is likely to be completed in a matter of days. As it stands, we intend to have the claim function live in the final week of August — date to be confirmed shortly.

Many thanks,

The Polker Team!

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