PKR Polygon — Claim Process FAQ

4 min readJan 25, 2024
Claim Process FAQ

PKR on both Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain was deprecated in 2023 after the hack on Poly Network’s bridge. Following this, we relaunched PKR on Polygon. A snapshot of all wallets holding old PKR on both chains was taken at July 24, 2023 23:59 EDT — everyone holding PKR at this time is able to claim the new token from our claim portal. We have answered the most frequently asked questions in this article — so please check here before you ask on social media.

I heard that PKR is now on the Polygon network. What happened?

Poly Network, our former bridge provider, was hacked. To resolve the issue, we have decided to move to a single chain to avoid being vulnerable to the same risks again.
We have since set up a claim portal in September 2023 for eligible wallet holders.

I still have the old tokens. What do I need to do to swap them to the new PKR tokens?

If you held tokens in your wallet as of July 24, 2023 23:59 EDT, you can claim the new tokens via our claim portal.

You will need to set the network to Polygon when claiming. Make sure that you have some MATIC in the Polygon network to pay for the fees.

I held PKR in the centralized exchanges. Do I need to do anything?

MEXC, Bitmart, and Bittrex have completed the swap to the new tokens. For Bittrex users, please withdraw your PKR tokens and coordinate with the exchange directly for further inquiries.

I bought PKR ERC-20 and PKR BEP-20 after July 24, 2023 23:59 EDT. Am I still entitled to claim?

No. Only tokens held as of the snapshot will be entitled to the new tokens.

Why was I allowed to purchase the old tokens after the snapshot?

We have pulled liquidity from PancakeSwap and Uniswap to prevent trading of the old tokens. However, these are decentralized exchanges — trading behavior cannot be controlled. The use of DEXs requires users to research and be accountable for their own transactions.

We have posted repeated reminders not to trade the old tokens.

I have completed the claim but I still have my old PKR in my wallet. Can I sell them?
Selling your old PKR is unethical considering that whoever buys them will not get anything of value.

My PKR tokens are still in the staking pool. Do I still need to unstake?

There is no need to unstake. Just claim the new PKR tokens via the claim portal.

Why are my staking rewards not entitled to the new tokens?

The smart claim contract captured the number tokens on wallets and the staking pool. The staking rewards needed to be claimed as of the snapshot to interact with the contract.

Why were we not given a longer period to unstake and claim the staking rewards?

With the Poly Network hack, the hacker had control of most of the tokens and had started moving them. The Polker Team had to move quickly to ensure the token’s survival.

We have put the community on notice as soon as we were made aware of the gravity of the issue and posted regular updates on all our social media channels while we resolve the issue.

While we would have wanted to provide a longer time for holders to unstake, we could not. We had to consider overall welfare of ALL holders — the token’s survival compared to any unclaimed staking rewards by holders who may not have been following the updates.

Why did you decide to move to a single chain?
We do not want a repeat of the Poly Network hack, where we could be exposed to external risks through no fault of our own. We have moved to the Polygon network primarily due to lesser gas fees, making PKR more accessible.

I tried to claim but I am getting that the wallet is not eligible?

Please check that the wallet being connected held PKR as of the snapshot or the wallet used to stake PKR tokens that have not been unstaked as of snapshot.

Also, double check that the wallet is set to the Polygon network when claiming.

I want to purchase more PKR. Where can I buy them?
You can purchase the new PKR at MEXC, Bitmart, or Sushiswap.

Do you have new staking pools for the new tokens?
We currently have LP Farming via Steer Finance.

Staking for the new PKR may be available in 2024.

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