PKR Now Available With Simplex!

2 min readDec 28, 2022
Polker Partners with Simplex

Polker has been pushing forward through this past year with a huge amount of development and partnerships being made behind the scenes. We are now ready to start demonstrating the work that has been going on!

Polker is proud to announce its partnership and listing with Simplex!

You will now be able to purchase PKR directly with your bank card, no need for a centralized exchange, no need to learn how to work out how to use decentralized exchanges — simply check out and receive your PKR as if it were Amazon!

Although we know many of you are familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency, we want to ensure that everyone has access. Working with Simplex allows a seamless onboarding for both existing users as well as a simple way to access PKR for those who are less experienced.

Buy PKR now with simplex at simply click here!

Simplex also works with various exchanges that support PKR, this means you will be able to use the service to top-up your exchange balance at any given time. As one of the first and most reputable card processors for Crypto, Polker is happy to have Simplex on board as a partner.

Remember — Community Launch Coming January 2nd!

Community Launch — January 2nd!

The game will go public on the 2nd of January 2023, this means anyone will be able to download, register, play, and begin the journey that we are creating — no more whitelisting, the game will be on our website for all to download.

Although the game will be public, we are releasing it in phases. On the 2nd, everyone can register and play on Map 1 with all play-to-earn features live and in action.

We will continue to request that bugs are reported; it’s an inevitable aspect of all games and although we strive for perfection — we need your help to get there! Bugs can be reported here.

Remember we have the game strategy guide here too!




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