PKR Buy-Back & Burn — Explained!

3 min readSep 2, 2022
PKR Buy-Back & Burn — Polker.Game

Polker recently announced that the final game will not only be poker reimagined, but it will also be PKR reimagined too. PKR is the token that powers Polker, and now Polker will also be the game that powers PKR. This in-game tokenomic structure will take the project full-circle.

Not only are we building the most impressive poker platform out there, but we are also creating a permanently deflationary token in the process.

Those in the current Early Access will have already seen it, but the PKR-Pass, Play Chips, and PKR-X (although not live yet in early access) are all purchasable exclusively with PKR (ETH or BSC). This is great, however, there is a downside — not everyone is confident with web3 integration and connecting a wallet to purchase these items. This barrier to entry excludes a large number of people interested in Polker…

Don’t Worry — We Have the Solution.

To allow those less comfortable to access Polker’s play-to-earn model, to purchase extra play chips, and of course, PKR-X — Polker will enable card payments for these. Yes, you heard that right — Visa & Mastercard will be accepted for users who do not wish to pay via decentralized wallet connections with PKR.

The Great News for PKR!

You might be thinking ‘but if people don’t need PKR to access, then what’s the point of the token? — and that would make sense if we hadn’t implemented the following. 20% of all profit (that includes the payments from cards of course) will be used to buy back PKR from the market!

Let’s take an example — Polker earns $50,000 profit the first month it’s live, 20% ($10,000) will be used to buy back PKR from the market. Now, as we grow and expand to mobile, say Polker earns $500,000/month. That’s $100,000 being used to buy-back, and at market value too.

Sound Good? It Gets Better!

Once Polker buys back the tokens we will send 50% of them to a burn wallet — removing them from the total supply, and from the circulating supply. PKR will become perpetually deflationary!

The remaining 50% will be distributed to you, our community! At first, the entirety of this portion will be directed to the Staking pools — passive income anyone? We will also be introducing mini-games too. Although this is somewhat further in the future, those holding Polker’s NFTs will get the chance to earn PKR tokens whilst playing these games.

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If you have not yet joined our Early Access Release then get in touch with one of our staff and they will guide you through the process! Reach out on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or contact us by email at

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