You’ll soon be able to bid for our ultra-rare card!

NFT Auction: The Ocean King Serpent!

In celebration of Polker’s soon-to-come Closed Beta test, on Friday, August 6th, Polker will be auctioning a special, Ultra-Rare NFT Dealer Card! This piece, being Ultra-Rare, is only one out of ten total.

Hosted on Opensea, with more to come soon, the Polker High-Roller collection is a taste of what can be experienced in-game. Possession of such a Dealer Card allows the player to use that dealer in-game at the table, to participate in special tournaments, and unlock benefits in progression outside of the table.

The auction begins this Friday, August 6th on Opensea, and will last one week. See you there, and see you at the tables!

You can learn more and check out the Polker High-Roller Collection here:

Our beautiful, super-unique NFT!



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