June 27th AMA — Dev Special: The Recap

3 min readJun 28, 2022

Chief of Gaming Operations Jesse Paul joined the Polker community on telegram on June 27th to answer questions from the community. We know that not everyone can make it due to availability and timezone differences, for this reason, we have compiled the questions and answers below for you to read in your own time!

Q: Hello, when will the full game be available to everyone?

We are still working out the dates for everyone. We are in the process of porting over to UE5, so we can take full advantage of the engine. We’re also rethinking our backend approaches to avoid the issues we have seen with the beta. The new approach is already proving to be remarkably faster and more secure.

Q: Will this cause a delay in mobile release? It (sic) would be awesome if we get mac and mobile releases at the same time.

Actually if anything this new direction will make the mobile release come sooner. I think our roadmap is a bit behind on the mobile release tho (now that I look at it). But we're developing the desktop version in a way that the mobile versions will be developed simultaneously for the most part. I still don’t have any solid dates on that.

With Mac, Linux, and Windows though. We should have all those released within a small window of each other.

Q: Can you at least give us a rough estimate of how long the porting to UE5 will take?

Most of it will actually be done by the end of July/August. But we have a lot of other feature development that will happen after that. We’re (sic) including things like 3D interactable environments and a brand new dedicated server system.
We do have the core gameplay systems already working on UE5.

Q: This is good news. What is the biggest challenge the dev team is facing right now (sic)?

Good question! The biggest challenge I think we have is making sure the gameplay is solid enough (and amazing enough) to show, that we as a team, can deliver what we imagine this game to be. I think we have learned an incredible amount this past year on what works and what doesn’t and the toughest part is applying that to the development in a way that makes it all worth it.

Q: Several of our Early Access players over the course of the last weeks have asked what is causing the intermittent stalling/freezing issues when playing. Do we have a known cause of this?

Yup! So the issues were due to how the backend services were set up. We attempted to implement a lightweight model and use a nodejs / web socket approach. The services simply were not very sustainable, causing certain conditions to break the game loop. This is the exact reason we switched to our dedicated system. It uses UE5 replication and is as solid as they come now.
Not to mention that it’s like 200% faster now.

Awesome!! And glad to hear we’re on top of things and can assure the early access players that this is something we’ve made sure to secure for more seamless gameplay. Thank you, Jesse! 🤩 Stay awesome!

Thanks! Yeah, the stalling was definitely a pain point for us as a dev team. One of the highest motivators for this new system we’re doing.

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