January 19th —Wednesday Development Update

1 min readJan 19, 2022


Another week, another Wednesday! Monday was a tokenomics update this week, but it’s time for another update from the development team. As we move towards the final stages of development focus is on the details, from the backend security to the the UI/UX appearance.

Updates from Jesse Paul — Chief of Gaming Operations:

  • Continued work on tier system.
  • Continued work on chips and in-game store.
  • Continued work on new UI designs.
  • Continued work on experience and leveling system.
  • Several bug fixes to improve backend stability.
  • Several bug fixes to improve overall experience.
  • Several updates to existing UI.

This isn’t everything of course!

We will be running another Beta for the community to participate in during January, and there will be a chance for yet more people to join again. So if you were not fortunate enough to receive a beta key for previous versions then stay tuned to our social media channels over the coming days for a chance to participate.

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