Friday Dev Update — March 25th!

  • Profile UI Added
  • Leave Table Button Simplified
  • Revamped Player Currency UI (top right)
  • Player Seat Rotation Fixes.
  • Error Prompt Corrections.
  • Revamped Quick Seat UI and Functionality.
  • Advanced Options Revamped.
  • Changed 2X to 2BB on Action Panel.
  • Action Panel UI Refactored.
  • Always BB Raise to Option (No More 0 Raises).
  • Avatar Selection Screen Updated.
  • Room Filter Updates.
  • Changed Verbiage for Bet and Raise on Action Panel.
  • Hand History for Muck/Fold Revised
  • Chip Abbreviations Adjusted
  • Logout Prompt and Toasts Added.
  • Graphics and Audio Settings UI Updates.
  • Login Screen UI Updates.
  • Adventure Mode UI Updates.
  • Fixes for PKR Pass Avatar Displays.
  • Increased Timer Countdown Display.
  • Added Alert Sound When Countdown for Player Begins.
  • Reward Notification Improvements.
  • Fixes for “Remember Me” Option
  • Home Screen UI Updates
  • Raise With Mouse-Wheel.
  • Fix for Showing Wrong Hand Description in Action Panel.
  • Button Polish Details and Improvements.
  • Improvements to Mitigate Stalling Issues.
  • Updates to Global List Online Status



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Poker.Game is the first blockchain-based, Free to Play & Play to Earn, Poker NFT that uses Unreal Engine 5 for immersive and powerful game