Community Update & Staking APY Increase!

2 min readMar 22, 2023


Staking APY Increase & Community Update

March is coming to an end, spring is coming (for those in the Northern Hemisphere!) and it’s time for a full community update from Polker!

Current staking is coming to and end, so we have decided to increase the APR for the following period!

We have always been fully transparent with our community, and we will continue that way — it is you who make us whole, so we want to ensure you are in the know!

The intended release date was to be on March 23rd. However, we are still undergoing extensive security and pen testing from our partners Quinel. This is a vital part of the project, and nothing can be overlooked. It’s unfortunate that it is taking longer than expected — but these things happen.

We understand that this will cause some upset in the community, however it is better we hold of so we can ensure security is 110% and release the game in the near future.

We will however do our best to make this up to you in the short term!

Staking Rewards — Massive Increase!

The current APR/APY on BSC is 5.9% and ETH is 9.3%. As a way to prove our dedication to you we will be increasing rewards on both chains.

From March 25th 2023 APR will be increased to 19% for the following 3 months. This will be variable as people withdraw and deposit, however this is a huge increase for those staking!

BSC Staking = 19% APR = 322% Increase in Rewards
ETH Staking = 19% APR = 204% Increase in Rewards

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