Binance Smart Chain Staking Pool Explained as Ethereum Staking Pool Extended! $200,000 Added!

2 min readDec 23, 2021

The launch of our first ever staking pool on Binance Smart Chain is nearly here— on Christmas Day!

In exactly 48 hours (from publication) users will be able to deposit their BEP-20 PKR tokens into Polker’s first live staking pool on Binance Smart Chain!

However, since it’s Christmas — AND we are listing on MEXC tomorrow — we have decided to do a little more than just what we promised.

Polker will add $100,000 of $PKR *At Market Value Today!* into the new BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) Pool.
Polker will add $100,000 of $PKR *At Market Value Today!* into the existing ERC-20 (Ethereum) Pool.

The pools are going to be live for three months, ending on the 25th of March, and will offer everyone a chance to earn $PKR by simply owning $PKR — passive income on your $PKR tokens!

Staking Details:

Allocation: $100,000 PKR in both BEP-20 and ERC-20

($200,000 Total at market value number in $PKR when Staking is live)

Duration: Three Months
Start: December 25th 11AM UTC
End: 25th March 2022)

Rewards: Rewards will be determined in real-time with and increase with each block propagated — you will be able to see your earned PKR live at any given time!

As with most staking pools, the APY you’ll receive will drop as the TVL (Total Value Locked) increases — basically, as more people join the staking pool, the rewards you receive will begin to decrease (don’t worry, they wont stop!). So the earlier you get in, the more you’ll get back!

Stake Your PKR Tokens Here — The Countdown to BSC is Live!


  • If you deposit/withdraw whilst staking any accrued staking rewards will be deposited to your wallet.
  • This is not a locked pool! You are free to unstake, restake, and claim rewards without at any point during the 3 months. The only fees you’ll pay are BNB or ETH gas costs.
  • These are not auto-compounding pools. You can however click “claim” and then redeposit your new PKR into the pool to stake them too!

Video Guide to Staking Using MetaMask.
Video uses Ethereum, remember to change MetaMask to BSC for BEP-20 Pool!

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