AMA Monday Special ‘Full Recap’ October 3rd

Q1: When will the beta be released?

A: Well.. I don’t set the dates.. but I can definitely tell you that we have awesome news on this front this week! You don’t want to miss out!

Q2: Will there be VIP rooms in the game?

A: Completely open for this. It’s not something we discussed, but we always keep options open if the community is interested.

Q3: Can we watch a video of how the game works in reality?

A: Well I do have some videos we recorded for our promo videos. I can see about digging those up for you after the AMA. I can however get some in-editor screens of some of our dealers for you now!

Q4: Do you know any deadline when the game comes out, for example, before the end of October, the beta will be released 100%

A: Well I can tell you our devs work incredibly long hours to make this game the best it can be. No one is getting any sleep! I can say though, October will have a lot of awesome news and it will be related to the beta and actually getting it into your hands!

Q5: When are we upgrading to unreal 5?

A: We actually ported it to UE5, and it looks really smooth! We’ll release it on the previous engines first though. To make sure all the hiccups of the port are worked out.

Q6: On existing online poker cardrooms many players use external software to collect statistics about other players, as well as software that calculates the odds of winning to help players win. Some of these programs are prohibited on most poker rooms, and the organizers are trying to detect the use of prohibited software. Will such software be banned on Polker? If so, has the team already developed a way to deal with it? I know Polker’s technology provides a fair and transparent game mechanism. Therefore Polker must be additionally protected from dishonest players, right?

A: Good question. We do have a lot of checks and security measures to make sure the platform is 100% secure and no cheating is involved. It’s our staple or provably fair gameplay. We have a decent mount of these routines coded and are testing everyday to make sure they are 100%.

Q7: What percentage of the market uses the desktop version? what percentage do we want?

A: You’ll have to ask our marketing gurus on this one. What I can tell you is we are very optimistic about our platform and the market. And we are wanting to distribute this game on as many platforms as possible.

Q8: Hi Jesse!! Polker Will used own HUD, hand histories??

A: If I understand that correctly.. We developed out our HUD/UI for the game, it will show hand histories and even record them into the blockchain so they can not be tampered with!

Q9: What about KYC security?? How to pass??

A: Our KYC is set up exactly how you would be expected to undergo on any exchange. However with the play to earn model, KYC isn’t as important.

Q10: so pkr will be used as chips as well?

A: In the current iteration of Polker we are play to earn, meaning we are not using PKR as an in-game chip.

Q11: one polker player, one account, Yes??

A: One account per player yes.

Q12: Can other tokens be used?

A: In a marketplace capacity but tables will strictly be tickets and play chips. The play chips are modeled after actual crypto and bear the exact same real-time conversion rates.

Q13: Will NFTs provide an advantage for gaming?

A: NFTs won’t affect table play, in general that would break our fairness rule when it comes to gameplay. However, further beyond the NFTs will provide value as stats for other game modes and in-metaverse rewards

Q14: What about Freerolls?? Win some tickets and tokens??

A: Leveling up will be your main way for playchips. Tickets will be earned throughout gameplay for tournament entry, and for rolling NFTs Although, I’m sure we can do a couple of free rolls every once and a while.

Q15: Sign up bonus (free play chips)??

A: You’ll get chips every day you log in as a bonus.

Q16: When will the full game come out?

A: Soon. Very soon. But first we need to make sure were doing proper development and the game will be polished, secure, and the best it can be. We’ll have tournaments, events, and a beta first. The beta will show us any hiccups we have that we need to correct. Things that are hard to test with in-house QA. October is going to be a great month to keep up with the project, I promise you! Polker.Game is the first blockchain based, Free to Play & Play to Earn, Poker NFT that uses Unreal Engine 4 for immersive and powerful game