AMA Monday — Full Recap!

  1. Firstly, what is PKR?
    PKR (formally Polker) is a novel platform that offers multiple protocols that can be implemented alone or in combination. They provide solutions to problems that multiple industries implementing blockchain technology are currently facing, check out PKR is also the native token of Polker.Game — our play-to-earn NFT game.
    PKR was founded in 2019 and has developed and grown massively over the last three years. PKR have multiple patent and patent-pending protocols which are implemented within Polker.Game but that are also available for integration into other platforms. Our philosophy focuses around four pillars; Diversity, Versatility, Fairness, and Transparency.
  2. What was the initial use case of PKR?
    PKR was formally only used as the native token for Polker.Game before expanding the PKR ecosystem away from only Polker. Polker.Game is still the primary use case of PKR and with the release of the beta coming up our focus is very much there still. There is a lot of very bullish news coming up regarding Polker in the following days that I can’t mention yet, so keep an eye out on our social channels so you don’t miss this.
  3. What is Polker.Game?
    Polker.Game is the first blockchain based, Free to Play & Play to Earn, Poker NFT game that uses Unreal Engine 4 for immersive and powerful gameplay while utilizing a provably fair system and TRNG technology. Polker.Game plans to launch on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and streaming platforms with intended support for next-gen VR, with stunning 3D characters, visual effects, and environments.
  4. Will polker be on any big exchanges anytime soon (like before end of 2021) Binance, kucoin, or others?
    Polker is currently in discussion with multiple exchanges. We don’t have any precise dates but before the end of 2021 we fully intend to be listed on one or more mainstream exchanges.
  5. I signed up for the beta testing some weeks ago and the site says the beta is coming on Q3, only 3 days remain of Q3 and no news of that, does that mean I wasn’t chosen?
    This does not mean that you were not chosen per se! The beta game release will be slightly later than the end of Q3 — the game is good and working, but we don’t want to deliver good we want excellence, so we have decided to iron out the final creases even if it slips over the end of Q3.
  6. So how does one go about earning NFTs with Polker.Game?
    We’ve got a system called the PKR Pass. It’s a simplistic system unlocking the play-to-earn potential of Polker. If you want to start earning NFTs and playing in tournaments, you’ll have to get the pass. The pass is a tiered system unlocking different perks and benefits which are used to increase the amount of times per week you can play without running out of chips.
    We’ve got five levels, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond.
    Our NFTs have already sold for up to $10,000 (3.8ETH) on OpenSea!
  7. Hi! Is there going to be a difference between starting playing free or buying any NFT first? Any idea how will start the game and when is the release date?
    This is an interesting question. Our NFTs are not for sale on the open market just yet — the only ones released were the ten that have been given away with the recent competition. The holders of those will receive the benefits of the NFT, however of course they could also sell them as we do not control the blockchain. Check question 2 for information on the release!
  8. Will we get option to Stake Polker in BSC chain, and what is the minimum requirement for staking to get NFT?
    This question has come up a lot. We are currently offering staking on Ethereum, the reward is PKR tokens not NFTs. BSC staking will become available in the future, however for now it is Ethereum only.
    Staking for NFTs is something we have in the pipelines, more info to come!
  9. I would like to know if POLKER is a global project, but anyone can access it without KYC or restrictions
    Are you decentralized and user-friendly, or are you made exclusively for professionals? ??
    This is a cool question. Polker is what I would call psuedodecentralized. The gameplay itself is all auditable in a decentralized manner to check that everything and every player is as it seems. The platform is for people who’ve never played Poker and also for those who are professionals — you can choose which table you are at so you are with people with the same level of experience. Regarding user-friendly, we are about as user friendly as it gets!
  10. PKR uses patented technology right? What patents do you have?
    Yes, PKR has both patented and patent-pending technology. Two patented protocols run the Multi Crypto Marketplace which can be used by a huge number of platforms. It’s a truly excellent protocol that allows multiple blockchains to be used side-by-side and live price data to be viewed simplistically.
    Our patent-pending protocols are True Random Number Generator (TRNG) and Provably Fair Auditable Gameplay — both of these implement SHA-256 hashing and smart contract interaction to create fully auditable provably fair random numbers and gameplay respectively.
    By having the entire gameplay and number generation fully transparent and independently auditable we have completely removed the element of trust normally required for pseudo-centralized platforms.
  11. What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project in the near future? hile you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands?
    Oh our confidence comes from our longevity. We’ve been in the business for about 4 years now and we have only had positive growth so far. Bear markets don’t really hurt too bad in the long run and we know how to weather the storm.
    Of course, we take community feedback, honestly, we have an amazing team of admins, mods, and managers who take initiative and help with whatever they can in the community.
  12. Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project?
    Easy question, our team is fully transparent just like our auditing software. You can look up any member of the project on our website and see our credentials and our links to not only this project, but all others.
  13. So many projects just like to speak about the “long term vision and mission” but what are your short terms objectives? What are you focusing on right now?
    Right now, we wanna get this game out to the public. So we are doing a lot of fun events for the community and showing our love and support while our devs are pushing out the game as fast as they can without compromising our product. That’s our short term goal for the moment.
  14. How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in a country where English is not spoken, do you have the local community for them to make them better understand about project?
    Thanks for asking this, we are considering an ambassador program to expand our reach within non-English speaking communities!
  15. Any contact with pro poker players like Negreanu, Hellmuth or any other? That could be a great publicity for the game
    Some things we simply can’t talk about just yet!
  16. I am a newbie crypto and just want to learn before I start using polker. Do you offer any education courses or vedio So that I can study or know more about your platform?
    How user friendly polker platform is?
    We completely understand many people are new to the crypto world! If you check our posts on Medium and the website we release video guides to everything — this will include the game!

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