10 NFT Giveaway + 500 x 50 PKR Giveaway at Polycon 2021!

3 min readSep 15, 2021


NFT + PKR Token Giveaway!

Tomorrow at 13:00EST Polycon 2021 will begin — Are you ready? We are!

Polker is proudly sponsoring Polycon 2021 — The biggest expo of all things Polygon!

We will be hosting a live panel on “NFTs: The Emerging Creative Economy” at 15:30EST on Friday the 17th — Don’t miss out!

We have our own exhibition for all things Polker related. However, we want to offer 500 members of our community — its current members and newcomers alike — a chance to win some free $PKR.

***** UPDATED PRIZE *****

Since we are feeling generous, in addition to the 500 person giveaway, 10 lucky winners will walk away with one of our own Polker NFTs!

1st Place is now Holo Ultra-Rare NFT — Previously sold on OpenSea for 3.3ETH!

Our last Ultra-Rare to auction sold for 3.3Ξ

What can I win?

1st prize = 1 x Holo Ultra-Rare NFT

2nd and 3rd Prize = 1 x Rare NFT

4th to 10th Prize = 1 x Standard NFT

1st to 500th prize = 50PKR!

How can I win?

The bigger the buy, the bigger your chances! The rules are quite simple, all you have to do is make a buy of PKR from either UniSwap or PancakeSwap and then fill in this google form!

Link to the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14PkwdyUJLcPHfhZ7DrxcQ6EthK19d83BvKx2iCEkOhI/edit

Competition Entry Form

Will Open At 13:00 09/16/21

The form will ask for the following:

Number of PKR tokens purchased, Chain (Ethereum/BSC), and TXID.


  1. One transaction per entry.
  2. NFT will be sent to the purchasing wallet — so don’t steal someone else’s Tx!
  3. The bigger the transaction — the bigger the chances of winning one of the NFTs.
  4. Multiple entries ARE allowed — however, you will only receive the 50PKR once.
  5. The competition Starts at 13:00EST Thursday the 16th — Ends at 13:00EST Friday the 24th.
  6. Transactions will only count within the competition times in Rule 5, previous buys will not be acknowledged
  7. PKR Tokens in the amount purchased must still remain in wallet at end of contest

About Polycon 2021

Polycon 2021 is a supper immersive 3D world that is going to be the home of all things Polygon for three days. QuickSwap, PolyCat, and of course us — Polker — are among the 75+ Polygon projects who will be at the event. The event will include all of the following and more:

  • Expo halls
  • Mini-games
  • Product demos & sponsor showcases
  • Networking
  • Gaming
  • Video, voice and text chat
  • Panels/AMAs with Top Influencers & Projects
  • NFT Airdrops & SWAG booth
  • NFT Giveaways & Auctions
  • Polygon Awards Ceremony
  • Much more to be added…

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